Articles by Arthur Cole 

WAN Optimization Critical to Virtual Data Environments

Virtualization, cloud, and SDN demand optimal WAN performance. Check out some vendors promising to provide just that.

Closing In on the On-Demand Data Center

Technology serves as a means to a business end. In the case of SDN, the end is the on-demand data center. What does that mean, and how are vendors working to get there?

There’s Networking Gold in New Silicon

New network processing technology looks set to speed us into the SDN, mobility, Internet of Everything future.

New Network Infrastructure for a New Information Era

As data environments change, so too must the data center itself. That includes its network infrastructure.

Advanced Networking: Fueling Fiber in the Enterprise

Fiber is emerging as the go-to technology for future-proofing the enterprise data center against growing bandwidth demands. Art Cole explores some solutions.

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