Articles by Arthur Cole 

OCP and Networking: From Small Beginningsā€¦

Hyperscale data environments are coming. Contributions to Facebook's Open Compute Project reveal surprising strategies for maximizing them.

SDN in the Real World: Expectations vs. Realities

SDN vendors and early adopters are dreaming big. But will their dreams become reality, or will the results prove to be less than they'd hoped for?

SDN: New Opportunities and Challenges for the Network Controller

Software defined networking puts the spotlight on the controller—but does it have to?

Will SDN Lead to a New Type of Router?

Network hardware, even the lowly router, will have to change its behavior if it is to adequately support the virtual data center.

Wide Area SDN: Close, Butā€¦

Software defined networking over the WAN will someday be a necessity. What challenges must vendors solve to make it a reality?

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