Articles by Arthur Cole 

Scaling the Virtual Network

SDN can take you where no network has gone before, but you may have to rethink the forwarding table.

Cloud, Mobile, M2M: They All Rely on the WAN

Despite widespread recognition that wide area networks will play a vital role in the move to distributed architectures, few enterprises seem willing to shore up their own infrastructure.

OpenDaylight, Hydrogen, and the Vagaries of Open Networking

Open source and open standards are becoming increasingly important in the SDN sphere, but openness isn't a magic bullet.

Hybrid Clouds and the Networks that Love Them

Many enterprises are bent on deploying hybrid clouds in the coming year, but how should they be networked?

Making the Business Case for SDN

What are the capital and operational benefits of software defined networking, and how is the enterprise to know if it's getting its money's worth?

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