Articles by Arthur Cole 

Bigger Data, Bigger Networks, Bigger Headaches?

Network infrastructure has a big role to play in the Big Data world, and solutions are emerging to solve the challenges Big Data creates.

Pressure Mounts for 100G in the Data Center

The pressure is on for high-bandwidth networking in the data center, but is 100G worth it to the enterprise?

The Brave New Application Delivery Environment

Improved application delivery is the ultimate goal of technologies like SDN and virtualization and should be the ultimate goal of the enterprise data center.

The Slow and Steady Route to SDN

SDN doesn’t have to involve a rip and replace. Overlay networking, open switching formats and open source support a more gradual transition.

Is It Time for the Data Center to See the Light?

Optical cabling is on the rise in the data center. What challenges will fiber bring to the enterprise?

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