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Installing Exchange 2010 Step-by-Step

With our handy guide, you'll have Exchange 2010 installed and running on top of Windows Server 2008 R2 in no time.

Nine Things to Like (and Three to Not) In Exchange 2010

If you're looking at starting a fresh deployment of Exchange, your timing is perfect: Microsoft has refined the latest version both as a server and Web client.

Manage Windows Terminal Services With TS Session Broker

Windows Server 2008's TS Session Broker with load balancing makes it easy to deploy multiple load balanced terminal servers, and even return users to the correct terminal server if they've left a TS session open.

Windows 2008 Eases RDP With TS Gateway

Remote desktop access is a balancing act between convenience and security. The Windows 2008 TS Gateway makes it easier to strike that balance.

Understand and Secure Your Windows DNS Infrastructure

Windows DNS gives us the ability to create a secure name resolution environment with dynamic updates, but configuring it isn't always simple.

Configure Microsoft's RemoteApp for Terminal Services

RemoteApp is a leap forward in terminal services that blurs the lines between local and remote applications. Learn how to configure it for nearly transparent remote computing.

Windows Virtualization: Get Started With Hyper-V

Windows Virtualization: Microsoft may be late to the virtualization game, but Hyper-V is a compelling offering all the same. Here's how to get started.

Open a Window on Server 2008 Events

With the Windows Server 2008 Event Viewer, a useful but neglected tool picks up a new interface and some useful features.

What's New With Windows Firewall?

With Vista and Windows Server 2008, the Windows Firewall has received a substantial makeover and a new name.

Spot Malware on Your Windows Hosts with netstat

netstat gives you some of the tools you need to spot and eliminate any malicious software listening for network connections on your Windows hosts.

Robocopy Polices Windows File Permissions

Moving files between servers and shares on a Windows network can make for a mysterious tangle of permissions. Robocopy cuts through the confusion.

Windows Security: Build a VPN Server

Secure connections for your remote users are easy enough to provide with a Microsoft Windows 2003 VPN server.

Get Ready for a Windows VPN Rollout

You have a few key choices to make before rolling out a Microsoft VPN.

Implement Windows' Encrypting File System

Encrypting the contents of a hard drive can do a lot to secure mobile data. Here's how to roll out Windows' Encrypting File System in your organization.

Protect Your Mobile Users With Windows' Encrypting File System

As the workforce becomes more mobile, the risk of damaging data compromise increases. Guarding data with Windows' Encrypting FIle System lessens the risk, and users won't even know it's there.

Looking Ahead to Windows Server 2008

Changes in store for Windows Server 2008 improve directory services, refine IIS, and offer a GUI-free alternative if all you need is a server.

Remote File Access Is a Snap with WebDAV and IIS

You don't have to run a VPN just to give your users remote access to their files. SSL-protected WebDAV provides easy access from any OS.

Vista User Account Control: Lose a Little, Gain a Lot

Microsoft gives and Microsoft takes away. In the case of Vista's User Account Control, losing XP's "runas" is a small price to pay for big strides forward.

Run Your Desktop as a Non-Admin in Win XP

Running your Windows desktop as an administrator despite the risks? Wish you weren't? Here's what you need to protect yourself from ... yourself.

SAN Multipathing for All Your Points of Failure

SAN's great and it spares system administrators a lot of headaches, but with five points of failure, you need multipathing to keep the support pages at bay.

Virtualize Host Names and IPs in Win2k3

You can add flexibility and simpler disaster recovery by introducing functional based IP addresses and host names to your Windows Server 2003 systems.

Win2k3 R2: Two Simple Features with High ROI

It doesn't hang out with Threepio, but Windows Server 2003 R2's file server and print management tools may soon make it your favorite mechanical buddy.

Manage the Windows 2003 Firewall with Group Policy

Windows Networking: It's free, easy and it works. Here's how to configure the Windows Server 2003 Firewall in minutes to save yourself months of worry.

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