Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Verizon Terremark Launches Private Cloud

Public cloud provider addresses multi-tenant security concerns with new offering.

HP Signs Up Sabre for $800 Million in IT Services

Travel giant network set to get a major infusion of new HP Networking, 3Par and HP Blade Systems technology.

WLAN Spending Picking up Steam

Wireless LAN revenues hit an all time high as enterprise users go mobile and companies race to embrace the BYOD phenomenon.

Cisco to Deliver a 'Beyond BYOD' Experience

With enhancements to Identity Service Engine and Prime, Cisco is bringing wired and wireless access management together in an effort deliver a better BYOD world.

More Cloud, Video on the Way

Cloud and video deployments set to grow as network bandwidth demands increase. Many companies plan to add video conferencing capabilities in the next 12 months. IPv6 on the back burner for now.

Alcatel-Lucent Improves Multimedia Fluency

New switches debut as networking vendor improves contextual management of data flow.

Cisco Set to Acquire NDS Video Tech for $5 Billion

Goal of acquisition is to enable full video delivery architecture from client to cloud.

Dell Buys SonicWALL

As the race to secure networks heats up, Dell is growing its security presence with the acquisition of unified threat management and next generation firewall vendor SonicWALL.

225 Million Domains and Counting

Quarter after quarter, year after year, new domains continue be added to the Internet at a relentless pace. The fourth quarter of 2011 was no exception, according to VeriSign.

Alcatel-Lucent Ventures into 400G Networking

Though 100 gigabit data transmission is still very new, technology is coming to quadruple it.

Intel Shakes Up 10 Gigabit Ethernet Economics

Intel E5 processor and new X540 LAN On Motherboard controller provide four-fold performance gains at lower price points.

Brocade Takes Aim at the 'Effortless Network'

 New HyperEdge switching technology is intended to make data center networks easier to manage ... eventually.

Brocade: Wireless and Mobile Networking

Brocade offers a limited number of wireless solutions but they do complement its overall portfolio.

Brocade: Switches

Brocade’s switching portfolio includes Ethernet and SAN switches as well as converged switches that can do both types of traffic.

Brocade: Routers

Brocade's routing capabilities extend from the service provider core to the enterprise. At the top end, Brocade has been among the first networking vendors to provide 100GbE.


Once just a storage network player, Brocade now offers end to end network monitoring and management solutions.

Brocade: Network Management

As Brocade has its heritage in SAN, it should come as no surprise that their network management offerings include a unified approach to managing all types of traffic.

Brocade: Application Delivery Controllers

Application delivery controllers (ADCs) perform a critical function in a network architecture by enabling fast and secure delivery of applications.

Alcatel-Lucent's New Enterprise Direction

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has a new leader and a new direction focused on customers early in the buying cycle and shipping new products soon.

HP Networking

HP Networking has emerged in recent years to be one of the biggest players in the enterprise networking market.

HP Networking: Switches

HP Networking: Network Management

HP Networking converges networking management under the umbrella of the FlexManagement initiative as part of its broader FlexNetwork architecture.

HP Networking: Security

HP Networking's security portfolio was significantly bolstered by the products and technologies it acquired from the 3Com acquisition in 2010.

HP Networking: Routers

HP Networking's router portfolio includes elements of both the former Procurve as well as 3Com product lines in addition to entirely new products born after the acquisition.

HP Networking: Unified Communications

HP Networking's unified communications offerings are all about services and partners.

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