Articles by Sonny Discini 

The IT Security Bubble Has Popped

The blank check IT security enjoyed has been pulled off the table as businesses reassess how much they spend to stay safe. Need some data on the mood? McAfee reports nearly three-quarters of SMBs have cut security spending, even though 71 percent believe a serious attack would put them out of business.

Is SPF's Spam-Fighting Prowess Overestimated?

SPF has its uses as a way to mitigate the spam onslaught, but IT personnel overestimate its efficacy at their peril.

Security Myopia and Brushes with C-Level Insanity

Network security as you know it is undergoing fundamental changes. Spend some time with security "practitioners," however, and you might discover a sad case of C-Level shortsightedness.

Online Crime Pushes Drive for Two-Factor Authentication

Banks, e-commerce concerns and the federal government are clamoring for stronger authentication to combat theft and fraud. One company is all too happy to oblige.

IT Security: Time to Hand Out Nightsticks?

Enterprises often view physical and IT security as separate categories ... to everybody's detriment.

Automation Won't Solve Weaponized Rootkits

Relying on software to track down the scourge of rootkits is a losing proposition. Hire some whitehats and put them to work.

Security Laws: Get Ready for a Learning Curve

Washington's busy cooking up laws to cover security issues, but it's late to the game and the bad guys aren't standing still.

Cybersecurity: Laws Only Go So Far

U.S. Government is finally taking cybersecurity seriously in the form of new legislation but businesses shouldn't expect it to become a cure-all.

Inside Threats: What's Walking Out Your Front Door?

The biggest danger to your data may not be hackers, but rather disgruntled, duplicitous or just plain clueless insiders. Fortunately, there are tools at your disposal to help you fight back.

Security Geeks Cash In at the Exploits Bazaar

WabiSabiLabi brings a market mentality to digging up critical exploits. I.d. required.

NAC: Here's Where It Gets Hard

Adopting NAC will be the beginning of a new security process ... and adopting it now is a bit premature.

Teleworkers on the Security Front Lines

Phishing attacks are growing more sophisticated as criminals seek to crack corporate VPNs.

Three Easy Registry Hacks Armor Windows

Dampen SYN floods, crack down on anonymous connections and keep your data from wandering off with three simple hacks.

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