Articles by Julie Knudson 

API Management Solutions for the Enterprise

Digital initiatives like Big Data, IoT, and mobility push enterprises to seek robust platforms focused on security, scalability.

Strengthen Your Security Chain Against Data Breaches

Reduce the risk of data breaches by finding and closing gaps between existing security layers.

Scaling Security Monitoring for IoT and the Cloud

The Internet of Things and cloud computing complicate network security. Consider updating your network monitoring strategy to meet the scale demands of the IoT era.

Breathe New Life into Your WLAN

New technologies improve enterprise WLAN performance and prepare Wi-Fi networks for the demands of the Internet of Things future.

The Challenges of IoT Addressing

Identifying each connected device on the Internet of Things may not be as overwhelming as it sounds.

Security Challenges of the Internet of Things

The IoT's lack of standardized protocols and new traffic flows complicate administrators’ security efforts.

The SDN-IoT Connection

Scale and flexibility are just two factors pushing SDN and the Internet of Things together.

Picking the Fruits of IoT

The Internet of Things will bring more than just data. Partnerships with internal customers and external providers will also change.

Prepare for the Networking Jobs of Tomorrow

As networks evolve, so too do the technical skills needed by netadmins and by IT professionals looking to enter the networking field.

Cybersecurity Lessons Learned in 2014

Large-scale attacks and a widening threat landscape prompted enterprises to rethink their approach to network security.

Application Performance Monitoring, Inside and Out

Application performance monitoring is critical. Find an APM solution that works on-premises, in the cloud, and everywhere in between.

Cloud Gateways 101

The cloud storage gateway sector is heating up. Here are a few things to know about cloud gateways and their use cases.

Study: IaaS and Cloud Challenges in the Enterprise

IaaS comes with several key challenges. Enterprise admins sound off on what cloud providers need to do better.

VPS Hosting: The Ins and Outs

Is Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting right for your needs? Julie Knudson explores the pros, cons, and use cases.

Virtualization as Vaccine?

Heartbleed is only the latest security bug to hit the news. Can SDN help inoculate the networks of the future?

Visibility Challenges and Solutions in Virtual Environments

Network state visibility is key to maximizing performance and security in virtualized environments.

The Basics of Outsourcing Disaster Recovery

Several flavors of DR-as-a-Service exist. One might fit your needs, but be aware: They don't take all the work off of your hands.

802.11n vs. 802.11ac: Which Wireless Will Work for You?

From 802.11n to 802.11ac, enterprises have more Wi-Fi choices than ever.

Are You Ready for WYOD?

Wearable devices are coming to the enterprise. Where will they hit first, and how can IT departments prepare?

2014: The Year of SDN Interoperability?

As software defined networking gains legitimacy, the focus turns to interoperability. What are vendors doing to ensure it, and where is SDN interoperability headed?

Security in an SDN World

Julie Knudson explores the security concerns that come with software defined networking and the security advantages SDN may bring.

Five Networking Startups to Watch in 2014

As the networking landscape changes, new startups are emerging, promising to change the ways enterprises connect. Julie Knudson looks at five such companies and what they offer.

Energy Efficient Ethernet and Beyond

EEE-compliant networking gear provides attractive energy consumption savings for network admins. Julie Knudson examines the myths and realities of energy-efficient Ethernet.

Fault Testing in an SDN World

Cloud infrastructures and software defined networks offer many benefits, but some risks, too. How should fault testing and QA be done in an SDN environment?

The Ripple Effect of SDN

SDN looks set to fundamentally change IT, affecting everything from provisioning processes to workflows, asset management, and IT careers. Here's what to expect.

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