Articles by Susan Kuchinskas 

An Imperfect (Cyber) Storm

Second exercise put communications between public and private sector to the test.

Streaming Media Grows Up

The streaming video market seems to have matured -- at least in terms of its audience.

Google Testing Click-to-Call

Latest stealth move connects AdWords to the telephone.

Peer Dispute Leaves Some 'Net Users in the Dark

An agreement between tier 1 ISPs Level 3 and Cogent breaks down, leaving parts of the Internet dark for customers.

Now, You're Google-Talking on IM

New Google Talk service combines IM and VoIP.

Microsoft Communicates Convergence

Redmond's communications sector strategy includes new partnerships with an eye toward converged voice, media and applications.

Sony, GlowPoint Team for IP Video Service

Sony will sell 'Instant Video Everywhere' to business and consumers.

RSA: IronPort Offers Web-Based Threat Lookup

E-mail security firm IronPort's TOC Report is an open window to threats.

Google Desktop Security Warning Issued

UPDATED: Corporations urged to ban latest tech toy.

Calif. Gov. Signs Anti-Spyware Bill

The bill privacy groups called 'unenforceable' is now state law.

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