Articles by Alex Goldman 

Court Ruling Tilts toward VoIP Providers

A ruling on a little-watched case in Texas is first to challenge RBOCs' right to charge access fees.

FCC Plans Busy Third Quarter on Spectrum Issues

The FCC's Julius Knapp outlined the agency's ambitious plans to open the airways to broadband, with key decisions due on or before Oct. 1.

EMC Targets Private Clouds

"Proven Solutions" aims to settle CIO concerns about risk and ROI as they move to private clouds.

RSA Says Virtualization Involves Security Risks, Rewards

Security and virtualization can be a challenge, but a report says managing the challenge well reaps additional rewards.

Insiders Are a Threat, Even When They Don't Mean It

A study shows even accidental breaches can do a lot of damage.

Businesses Not Immune to Botnets, Report Warns

A new report delivers best practices on dealing with this spam vector.

Cisco: IT Struggling to Cope With Internal Security

Too many IT managers are mired in minutiae, fixing small holes while failing to see the big issues, Cisco said today.

Symantec: USB Drives Threaten More Than Endpoints

Key drives pose malware propagation risk, and the damage isn't limited to desktop PCs.

Platform Providers Claim Cloud Advantage

With so many companies large and small targeting the cloud, the providers of cloud management tools expect to defeat vendors of targeted apps.

Ex-Googlers Launch Anti-Malware for Servers

Dasient's answer is to crawl the Web looking for vulnerabilities, analyze the vulnerabilities it finds, and deliver signatures of those vulnerabilities to servers it's defending.

Salesforce Has Integrators Buzzing With DIY Cloud

Salesforce says the free edition of Force.com will make it easy for companies to build their first cloud application.

SuccessFactors Claims Record-Breaking Cloud

Announcements show both that large enterprises are adopting the cloud and that cloud and virtualization ecosystems are thriving.

Oracle Steps in and Picks Up Sun

Database company talks strategic value of the buy; predicts "substantially higher margins" from troubled Sun.

Buying Sun: Big Blue Less Than Benign?

Beyond the talk about "synergies" and innovation may be a simpler motivation: picking off a dogged but weakened competitor.

SunRocket Goes Under

Can plain vanilla, cost-driven VoIP succeed in today's world?

Anatomy of a Hosted VoIP Business

An emphasis on service and quality and focus on one market are keys to M5 Networks' success.

Nominum: The 'Net Is Safe with Us.

These are the people who wrote DNS BIND. They helped build the ISOC, ARIN, and the other institutions that keep the internet running. So what they do with nonexistent URLs will not, they promise, do harm.

Storage Networks Featuring "The Golden Spike"

Nine companies gather up their gear to prove that large and small enterprises can build true storage networks with off-the-shelf equipment. But, only the most distinguished efforts can earn the "Golden Spike."

WebTrends Reporting Center 4.0

For those who find it essential to monitor intranet usage and traffic, WebTrends has long been regarded as the best log analysis software for Windows NT and 2000 systems. Having been absorbed by NetIQ in March, they are redefining the way they do business with their latest release.

E-mail Virus Protection as Certain as Death and Taxes

If you think there is no way conventional anti-virus applications can stop the sprawl of e-mail contagions such as SirCam -- you're right, which is why MessageLabs took its high-end virus-stopping solution to the Net.

Tracking the Names of Nodes

When operations get really big, it's time to toss aside written records and develop a real network management tool. Enter EDGE IP from Threshold Networks -- automating the process of DNS management and device tracking.

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