Articles by Roy Mark 

Vonage Cuts Costs, Clears Obstacles

VoIP provider struggles to maintain forward motion despite the drag of litigation.

FCC Approves Spectrum Auction Rules

UPDATED: Agency will dedicate a third of the available spectrum to open access principles.

Court Raises Possible Vonage Injunction Relief

Vonage tells appeals court injunction isn't necessary even if court upholds VoIP provider infringed on Verizon patents.

Court Rules VoIP Providers Must Pay USF Fees

Vonage appeal of 2006 FCC decision rejected by federal appeals court.

Verizon Claims Vonage's Appeal Isn't So Obvious

Telecom giant says recent Supreme Court decision on obviousness shouldn't be a factor before appeals court.

VoIP, IP Devices on Call at WinHEC

Gear makers will supply hardware to support Microsoft's new UniComm platform.

Vonage Playing Supreme Court Card

Internet voice provider claims recent Supreme Court ruling will make it obvious company didn't infringe on Verizon patents.

Court Rejects Vonage New Trial Bid

Ruling keeps appeals process on track for contentious patent infringement dispute with Verizon.

Vonage Asks Court to Vacate Infringement Verdict

UPDATED: Monday Supreme Court decision emboldens Vonage in its bitter legal battle with Verizon.

Skype Gets a Tongue Lashing

Verizon Wireless, AT&T file opposition to Skype proposal to open cell broadband networks to all devices, applications and content.

Free Broadband From Thin Air?

Will wireless carriers walk away with most of the spectrum being vacated by broadcasters in a winner-take-all auction that could give up to $10 billion to $15 billion to the U.S. Treasury?

A Bankrupt Vonage?

The beleaguered VoIP provider files SEC statement outlining options if Vonage fails to stay injunction cutting off new customers.

Vonage Appeal Set By Court For April 24

Internet telephony provider faces cutoff of new customers without a stay from U.S. Court of Appeals.

Court Bars Vonage From Signing New Customers

UPDATED: VoIP provider tells judge decision will have the effect of slowly strangling the company.

Vonage Wins Temporary Reprieve

Appeals Court decision allows Vonage to acquire new customers for at least one more week.

Vonage: Dead Company Walking?

Not a chance, declares the Internet telephone company as clock begins ticking to permanent injunction.

Vonage Awarded Two-Week Sigh of Relief

Judge orders permanent injunction giving the Internet phone company two weeks to stop using technology patented by Verizon.

FCC Begins Net Neutrality Inquiry

Agency launches period of public comment on need for network neutrality provisions.

VoIP Still on FCC's Open Road

UPDATED: States lose latest round to regulate and tax Internet telephony.

FTC Chief on Net Neutrality: Leave It to Healthy Markets

FTC chair forms a task force, but advises caution when considering network neutrality legislation.

Symantec Fixes AV Hole

The hole that wasn't gets a patch.

Federal Employee Takes Plea in Snoop Job

Dept. of Education auditor hacked supervisor's computer to view e-mail.

Cisco Raises Shields On Network Security

Cisco responds to computer security threats with new software.

What's Next For The FTC And Net Threats?

It's been more than 10 years since the agency examined the threats of the future.

Senate Returns With Crowded Tech Agenda

Congress kicks off 2006 legislative season with 14 tech-related hearings in two months.

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