Articles by Jim Wagner 

Microsoft Patches WMF Flaw Early

Facing customer complaints, and users going to unofficial patches for the answer, Microsoft fixes a critical flaw five days early.

EarthLink's New Edge

The ISP buys a nationwide CLEC as it expands its platform beyond the consumer base and into the business world.

False WHOIS Data Still Bedevils

The GAO finds 2.31 million Web sites with 'patently false' contact info.

Sober Worm Has Nazi Connection

The worm's campaign is expected to resume Jan. 5, 2006, the anniversary of the Nazi party.

Skype 2.0 Beta in The Air

Full-screen video VoIP highlights the next edition of the provider's popular service.

Postini And The On-Again, Off-Again Spam List

The message security company briefly found itself on the Spamhaus Project's block list after a recent e-mail campaign, resurrecting the debate over DNSBLs.

Researchers: Skype, VoIP Are Hot And Risky

UPDATED: IT managers should take precautions when allowing VoIP use, specifically Skype, in the workplace researchers warn.

Alert Sounds Alarm From Within

The security vendor's new service automates the response to network attacks from the network.

McAfee Strengthens Foundstone Arm

The company puts remote management and regulatory compliance in the hands of its IT management and vulnerability assessment arm

Group Delivers 'Spyware' Definition

With the definition set, the ASC sets out to find the apps that can be considered spyware.

Yahoo, Microsoft to Link IM Networks

UPDATED: IM interoperability agreement is between two of the three largest public IM networks.

Video on Demand Taking Its Share

IPTV and free movies are key factors in VoD's growing popularity.

Emergency VoIP Gets a Private Line

VoIP, Inc., will offer a managed 911 service for Internet telephony providers.

Telco TV Expected to Surge

Global adoption of IPTV is expected to greatly increase but the U.S. will lag.

VoIP Equipment Now Trumps Traditional Lines

In-Stat's research cites comfort level with VoIP and converging voice and data departments for the move from traditional telephone networks to digital.

Colleges Test VoIP Cellphones

VeriSign's service lets students and faculty use wireless VoIP on campus and their regular wireless carrier outside.

Skype Downplays Takeover Talk

Responding to a report that News Corp. floated a $3B acquisition, a spokeswoman for the VoIP developer says the company is not for sale.

Yahoo, Cisco Merge E-Mail Specs

Admins now have a one-stop spec for signature-based e-mail authentication.

Critical Fixes on Tap From Microsoft

The software company has three security bulletins scheduled for Patch Tuesday, some of them critical.

Microsoft Plugs 10 on Patch Tuesday

June's security update shores up three critical vulnerabilities and seven moderate-to-important flaws in Microsoft's software.

FCC: Our Ties That Bind

Old statutes that give the FCC its authority just don't apply in today's telecom reality, commissioners say.

Verizon Calls For Telecom Reform

The rules should to be changed so telecoms can better compete with cable operators, CEO Ivan Seidenberg said at a trade show today.

Has VoIP Hit Yet?

Experts say 2005/2006 will be good years for IP-based telephony, though hurdles remain to be cleared.

One Cisco Appliance to Handle All

Targeted at small and large businesses alike, the new product unifies several security functions into one appliance.

Avaya Joins Web Services, VoIP

Officials want companies thinking intelligently about integration.

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