Articles by Dan Muse 

Microsoft Finds ICE Is Nice for VoIP

Industry leaders say they will support the ICE methodology to deliver rich media connections across NATs and firewalls. Research firm issues Skype warning.

Lowering the VoIP Entry Barrier for SMBs

Up-front costs of VoIP migration are high—even with a hosted solution. Apptix has a remedy.

Plug-ins Promise to Accelerate the Right Video

To give you a measure of control over video applications, Packeteer today announced a Flash plug-in built to help you accelerate only business-related video.

Computer Security - What? You Worry?

With the goal of automating network security, Trend Micro today announced its Worry-Free Security initiative. The security software vendor kicked off the program with the release of Client Server Security for SMB 3.0 and Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.0.

WatchGuard Offers a Unified Front Against Threats

The network security appliance vendor announces new ways to protect yourself from viruses, spam, spyware and inappropriate Web sites.

FaceTime Protects Against Rogue IM and P2P Apps

The Foster City, Calif.-based company attempts to protect the corporate infrastructure from unauthorized instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications and activity.

Voyence Teams Up With Opsware, DCML

The network configuration tool provider will partner with server-management specialist Opsware to offer an end-to-end view of network infrastructures. Voyence also announced its membership in the standards-based Data Center Markup Language Organization.

Nominations Now Open...

Is there a product you bought this year that you can't imagine working without? Or a service that helped you improve your business processes in the back office? We want to know ... and so do our readers. The 'Excellence in Technology Awards' are open for nominations.

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