Articles by Jay Beale 

Maybe I Should Be Afraid of Linux?

All operating systems have security vulnerabilities, but as least Linux vulnerabilities are found and patched quickly. Right? Read on to find out just how vulnerable you can be.

Killing Daemons!

The typical Linux system incorporates several background daemons to perform various tasks. However, some of these daemons may leave your system vulnerable to outside attacks. Learn how to minimize your risks.

Tripwire - The Only Way to Really Know

Install a file integrity checking like Tripwire and you will never again have to guess whether you have been hacked. This article by Jay Beale explains the functionality of Tripwire as well as how to install and use it.

Why Do I Have to Tighten Security on My System? (Why Can't I Just Patch?)

Even if you patch your system regularly and follow all security updates, you can still be vulnerable. This article delves into the levels of hackers and why extra security is a must.

Shredding Access in the Name of Security: Set UID Audits

In this article, I'll introduce Linux/Unix file permissions, root privilege and the SUID path to root. Then I'll help you run a SUID audit on your system, using Red Hat 6.2 as an example.

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