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Using A Framework To Ease Network Management

Again, we look at the question of whether network management is better served up as a complete dinner or à la carte. Frameworks have garnered only limited acceptance in recent years, and while there may be a good reason for this, sometimes they may be exactly the best way for you to go.

Complete Dinner or à la Carte?

Foundry Eases Network Management Chores

IronView Network Manager allows network operators to track assets, change configurations, update software, identify network problems, and resolve network failures.

Lucent Struggles Continue

Lucent Technologies' downward spiral continues. Angry shareholders brought a class action suit against the network equipment giant, alleging it provided investors with misleading financial information.

3Com Tries to Right a Sinking Ship

Will 3Coms recent product announcements be enough to put its stock back on track?

DSL Market Constricts

As some DSL start-ups begin to have problems, experienced carriers are stepping in.

Protecting Mobile Devices from Hackers

Mobile users can now read e-mail, communicate with the home office, and surf the Web through wireless handheld devices. But new opportunities for users mean new opportunities for hackers, too.

Companies Team Up to Ward Off Hackers

Distributed denial of service attacks (DdoS) attacks have brought down major sites from eBay to the FBI. Now those companies are joining forces to ward off hackers.

Auditing services cut telecom costs

Telecommunications bills are large, complex, and often inaccurate. Auditing services can offer significant financial savings.

CIM poised to ease management data integration

Tie database management systems, servers, switches, and routers together through the use of the Common Information Model (CIM).

DSL gets ready to speak

DSL is fast and popular. DSL with the addition of voice data can only be better and more popular--and it's coming soon to a carrier near you.

Wireless protocol battle takes shape

Wireless service providers want you to be just as productive on the road as you are in your office. Now if they can just work out their conflicting standards...

The Ethernet encore: Higher speed

So much for 10Mbps as a maximum Ethernet speed--10Gbps is rapidly up and coming.

MPLS emerges to soothe network headaches

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) offers top-of-the-line speeds and many other benefits for both enterprises and carriers.

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