Articles by Sharon Gaudin 

Insider Threats Giving IT Execs Nightmares

The potential for insider threats to the corporate network is keeping IT execs awake at night. Actually, 25 percent say they're literally losing sleep over it.

After a Year, Netsky-D Still in Top 5

The Netsky-D worm, which spoofs senders' email addresses, has managed to hold onto the fifth spot in the Most Dangerous Malware list after a full year in the wild.

Wave of Trojans Slamming the Internet

A flood of spam-borne Trojans are washing over the Internet today. BagleDl-L downloads code and tampers with security software.

War Driving No Game to IT Managers

Cruising the streets with a laptop to scan for unsecure wireless connections is one of the latest techie crazes. But the growing popularity of 'war driving' underscores the security problems facing networks that have gone wireless.

Sobig 'Carpet Bombs' the Internet

The latest variant of the Sobig worm is hammering corporate networks, crashing email servers, and staggering Internet traffic. Yesterday alone it accounted for 70 percent of all email traffic.

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