Articles by Eric Griffith 

T-Mobile Launches Vo-Fi Nationwide

The new Hotspot @Home service allows handoff from cell network to any open Wi-Fi connection without losing the call.

Analysts: Femtocells, not F/MC, are the Future

Updated: Wi-Fi/cellular dual-mode phones are appearing, but likely will be eclipsed by mini home base stations.

802.11n Draft 2.0 Certs Around the Corner

The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced plans for a new test bed, to be launched in late June.

Tropos Picocells take on WiMax Macrocells

The new Tropos MetroMesh NG nodes will not only rival WiMax for subscriber capacity, but will soon use WiMax for backhaul.

Paint Your Way to Wi-Fi Freedom

This is just the latest wall covering to keep signals from going where you don't want.

New Atheros Draft-N Gear Emphasizes VoWLAN and Video

A new network processor and Vista certification strengthen Atheros' hand in the churning Draft-N market.

Azimuth Test Suite Might Lead to More Wi-Fi Gear

Testing times for Wi-Fi devices could drop from weeks to days and lead to a flood of gear next year.

Cisco Dumps the "Hodgepodge" with New 802.1x Client

New supplicant eases unification of wired and wireless sign-ons.

802.11n 1.0 Unlikely to Get Vote Until 2007

802.11n is already out in force in some product lines, but it looks now like the spec won't get a ratification vote until January.

Skype on Four VoWi-Fi Phones

UPDATED: The phone software will support calls over the Internet without a computer or PDA, using handsets made by Belkin, Netgear and others.

Motorola Promises Mesh Spec Support

The company says it will build draft support of the fledgling 802.11s standard into products now, but some question if it's worth it.

A Faster Path to 802.11n?

A new vendor consortium hopes to ram through its own high-speed Wi-Fi standard, maybe in less than a year... and perhaps at the cost of the open standards process.

House May Deregulate Broadband

A proposed House bill draft would make it okay for municipalities to offer broadband, lumping various IP telecommunications together.

Avaya Resells Meru for VoWi-Fi

Meru gets another leg up on snagging customers that want wireless VoIP, via longtime partner Avaya.

Meru Meshes with FireTide

The two equipment providers are partnering to make sure customers who want VoWi-Fi have a mesh infrastructure if needed.

Zultys Adds Wi-Fi Phone

This VoIP and IP-PBX maker is releasing its first wireless phone with all the features found in its enterprise class wired sets.

See Mesh? SEEMesh Proposed

Intel and friends prove that a proposal for an 802.11 standard isn't complete without a cute name and a little controversy.

E911 Gets Wi-Fi Assist

Major providers of 911 service for VoIP providers made strides toward E911 this week—in fact, one will use Skyhook's 802.11-based positioning to provide caller locations.

Fiberlink Takes Skype to the Office

In addition to working with the popular VoIP service, Fiberlink is also building anti-spyware support and EV-DO access into its remote access software.

Siemens WLAN Switch Focuses on Voice

Chantry's products are reborn as HiPath Wireless, and will be accompanied by an enterprise-ready VoWi-Fi handset.

Triple Play Test Indicates IT Issues

Independent analysis by the UNH InterOperability Lab shows that, while Wi-Fi infrastructure is maturing, the simplest of issues can bring any corporate WLAN to its knees.

TI Touts One-Chip Solution for VoWiFi/Cell Phones

The much ballyhooed convergence of cellular telephony with voice over WLAN draws a bit closer with the unveiling of a new silicon platform.

Meru Deals with Japanese Voice

Far from lost in translation, this maker of infrastructure equipment is right at home providing Wi-Fi for that country's leading vendors of voice over IP.

Will Cisco Switch?

Rumors continue to circulate that the networking giant might acquire one of the WLAN central switch vendors. The question is... why buy when you're already number one?

Proprietary Wi-Fi Speeds Get Scrutiny

The Wi-Fi Alliance says that products with high-speed extensions that aren't part of the 802.11 specifications could mean no more Wi-Fi Certification sticker if the options cause interference.

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