Articles by Linda Paulson 

ATM Viability

Word of ATM's pending death was greatly exaggerated. Any number of analysts predicted that the use of Asynchronous Transfer Mode would die out somewhere within the last two years, but for several reasons, this legacy still has a stronghold in the network edge, and may be gaining in public networks. Why is this, and where will things stand in the future? Linda Dailey Paulson has the story.

VoIP Case Study #2: Building From Scratch

What's the ideal situation for implementing Voice over IP? When you're building a system from scratch. In this case study, Linda Dailey Paulson details how the West Virginia University Foundation implemented VoIP when it moves to new headquarters -- and in the process saved $10,000 up front, and $3,000 per year on both phone and network costs.

VoIP Case Study #1

The primary selling point for Voice over Internet Protocol is the potential for saving organizations money in toll calls and beyond. But interest extends well beyond that single factor. We take a look at two such instances. First, the city of Daytona migrated to a converged telecommunications system...

Denial of Security Holes Can Lead to Denial of Service

Vigilance of security-related issues -- not just breaches -- remains a key issue for network administrators. What preventative measures have you taken to assure you won't be victimized by a DoS attack? What more can you do that you're not doing? Read on...

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