Articles by Lyne Bourque 

Smartphones: Pocketable Endpoints or Network Backdoor?

Both actually. When evaluating endpoint security, don't neglect the "backdoor" some malware pushers are targeting.

Military-Grade Security with MESHNet Firewall

A rugged, green cube from General Dynamics meets military specs and offers network security in the most punishing conditions.

Anticipating Malware: Forecast Calls for Worms

Opinion: Rating Internet traffic is giving at least one security company a powerful model for stopping malware in its tracks.

AirDefense Secures the Wireless Perimeter

In the rush to go wireless, administrators will find that they must supplement standard security measures with serious reporting and policy-enforcing products. Count AirDefense among them.

Prelude to a Secure Enterprise

Intrusion detection systems have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the mid-1990s. A new player on open source IDS scene offers the potential to be an enterprise-class gatekeeper that could become a security administrator's new best friend.

Viruses + Social Engineering = 2003

This past year the dangerous trend of shrouding viruses in social engineering techniques resulted in a trying year for network administrators. However, there are lessons to be learned from 2003 that you can take into 2004.

Software Review: Password Officer 5.0 Deluxe

Compelson Laboratories crafts an application that can help foster proper password security within an organization. The days of the 'password sticky note' may be coming to an end, much to the relief of security pros.

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