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When Do We Start Slurping SIP?

SIP promises improved VoIP, two-way video, and chat. Is the world ready for it?

Securing the WLAN: Are the Alphabet Standards Finally Soup?

If you've been watching Wi-Fi security standards come and go, you know the move to secure wireless networking has been a slow and confusing crawl. Here's how to make sense of where we're at, and what the newly ratified 802.11i does for your WLAN.

VoWLAN: The Wireless Voice Future is Here ... Almost

VoWLAN might be the chocolate and peanut butter of networking, but the convergence of VoIP and wireless freedom has its share of snags. Here's what you need to know.

Three LDAP Browsers for the Asking

Getting your information in a directory is just half the battle: The other half is finding it. Here are three LDAP browsers, free of charge and up to the task of digging through your data.

Find the Right LDAP Browser for Big Search Jobs

In Part 5 of our six-part series on LDAP searches, we look at browsers designed with power users in mind, but that offer enough user friendliness to appeal to all types of LDAP users.

Searching for the Best LDAP Browsers

Whatever your budget limit or directory background, there is an LDAP browser for you — in part 4 of our five-part series on LDAP searches, we look at the options for everything from casual to complex queries.

LDAP Searches From Darn Near Anywhere

The search continues! In Part 3 of our four-part series, we look at performing LDAP search queries from e-mail clients, Web browsers and a command-line interface.

Unmasking the LDAP Search Filter

Need to locate critical information in your corporate LDAP directory but have shied away from learning how? Relax. In part 2 of our series, we explore the core of the LDAP search function — the search filter syntax itself.

LDAP Searches Provide a Gateway to Company Data

Did you know that LDAP packs a powerful search and query engine? Savvy admins are finding that these are great tools for analyzing company data, networks, and security capabilities from your LDAP directories. In part 1 of our series, we show you how to prepare searches properly.

WAN Backups - Innovation for an Oldfangled Technology

Unless you have a real need to hold on to your tape stackers or you simply love the smell of backup tapes, it's high time you considered retiring them and moving up to the next generation of backup technology.

Is Your ISP Working for You? Renegotiating Your Connectivity Contracts

The telecom and datacom industries have changed enormously over the past few years, opening up opportunities for significantly reducing your company costs and improving service on all of your connectivity needs. Learn how careful planning coupled with some sharp negotiations can lead to substantial savings and better service.

Practically Painless NT to Windows Server 2003 Migration: Implementation and Beyond

Windows NT to 2003 migrations are serious business, but they are not impossible. Beth Cohen and Hallett German continue a new series of articles designed to help you plan and administer a successful, and practically pain-free, NT/2003 migration.

Practically Painless NT to Windows Server 2003 Migration: Preparation and Planning

For Windows NT-based network admins, the decision to migrate your NT servers to Windows Server 2003 is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when. To this end, Beth Cohen and Hallett German kick off a new series of articles designed to help you plan and administer a successful, and practically pain-free, NT/2003 migration.

802.16: A Look Under the Hood

802.16 promises to deliver true broadband speed wirelessly, but when will products be available and how important a role should the so-called WiMAX standard play in your future network plans? Join Beth Cohen and Debbie Deutsch as they continue their in-depth look at the wonderful world of WiMAX.

802.16: The Future in Last Mile Wireless Connectivity

802.16 promises to deliver true broadband speed wirelessly, but when will products be available and how important a role should the so-called WiMAX standard play in your future network plans? Join Beth Cohen and Debbie Deutsch as they take an in-depth look at the wonderful world of WiMAX.

RADIUS: Secure Authentication Services at Your Service

RADIUS ensures that remote users are who they say they are, keeps track of their network usage, and secures your network infrastructure from intrusion. Learn how deploying RADIUS in-house or as a managed service can benefit you and your company's network.

Searching for Wi-Fi Security Solutions

Security has long been the Achilles heel of the wireless industry. Set aside the security issues, though, and the case for wireless networking is overwhelmingly compelling — it's cheap, easy, and portable. Now that the industry is addressing the problem head-on with new solutions for manageable and acceptable network security, Wi-Fi may well be a choice that enterprises should be considering (or reconsidering).

NT Domains to Active Directory - Time to Upgrade?

Microsoft has launched an initiative to 'encourage' the many companies that still have Windows NT 4 servers running to upgrade to one of its newer server releases, but the challenge of migrating from NT Domains to Active Directory remains one of the critical inhibitors to upgrading, especially for smaller and mid-sized companies. Beth Cohen and Hallett German delve into the murky details of converting to Active Directory with the goal of helping you pull off a NT/Windows Server 2003 migration project with aplomb.

Public Key Infrastructure: Invisibly Protecting Your Digital Assets

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) offers the opportunity to streamline your procedures for protecting and sharing sensitive and valuable information. As Beth Cohen and Debbie Deutsch report, when it comes to protecting your company's valuable digital assets, you owe it to yourself to investigate what doors PKI can open for you and your organization.

A Primer to Active Directory: Microsoft's System Information Repository

Active Directory is a potent tool for managing large networks of systems across WANs and LANs, but it can be complex to understand and administer. Beth Cohen's primer is designed to help you get acquainted with the tool that can help you create a robust and flexible architecture for addressing your company's needs, now and in the future.

Is RFID in Your Future?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has the potential to revolutionize business much as ERP and supply chain integration did in the late 1990s, but it can also have some serious security risks if you are not careful when deploying it. Beth Cohen reveals the power and the pitfalls of this exciting new technology so you can determine for yourself whether your company is ready to ride the next technology wave.

'Good Enough' Security: Network Security on a Shoestring Budget

In an environment where most of us are continually squeezed for time, resources, and funds, how can we possibly hope to fix and prevent all of our network's security problems? Beth Cohen presents principles of 'good enough' computer security that might not prevent a massive targeted attack, but that will prevent 90% of your problems while keeping your finance department happy and your job secure.

Power over Ethernet -- Ready to Power On?

Imagine what you could do if your existing Ethernet network cabling could be combined with electrical power to fully support wireless access points, VoIP phone systems, security cameras, and a variety of other appliances. With an official IEEE standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE) expected to debut next month, now is a good time to evaluate the advantages that PoE can bring to your organization.

DNSSEC: Security for Essential Network Services

DNS has been a major security hole since it was first deployed, but until recently, not much had been done to patch the network service's security vulnerabilities. Beth Cohen reveals the largest DNS security holes, explores how you can protect your network from them, and introduces the IETF's new DNSSEC standard designed to prevent potential future catastrophic attack.

Corralling Those Wild IT Assets

IT asset tracking does not need to be a major IT project or an enormous undertaking.

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