Articles by Tim Scannell 

A Cloudy Forecast for the Enterprise

Cloud computing concepts pave the way for 'power collaborators', but may face less than sunny skies in the enterprise.

All Talk, Little Action on 'Net Neutrality Front?

Experts claim ISPs such as Comcast can do more to find an immediate solution to bandwidth congestion and selective throttling.

Deploying 802.11n? Consider Existing Infrastructure

802.11n's improved range and speed will be welcome improvements, but make sure you're taking your existing infrastructure into account: Bottlenecks and signal bleed are some of the pain you might take with the gain.

Report: VoIP Market on The Upswing

Sales of next-generation voice and IP systems are sizzling, following a lackluster first quarter.

WiMAX Facing Death by Fence-Sitting?

Despite some giddy predictions, not everyone is convinced WiMAX is a next big thing with legs.

802.11n? Hold Your Horses.

Eager to toss 802.11n gear onto your network? Don't confuse how quickly vendors moved to get new gear out with how ready for prime time any of it is.

Will HP's 'Single Pane of Glass' Close Windows for Cisco?

Additions to HP's ProCurve family unify access control and identity management across wired and wireless networks.

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