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Configure Bacula for Open Source Backups

Bacula is a popular, robust and open source backup solution. Learn the basics of Bacula configuration with our simple guide.

Install Bacula for Open Source Backups

Bacula is a well-maintained, open source backup solution. This week: learn the basics of Bacula setup and configuration.

Identify and Mitigate Windows DNS Threats

Best of ENP: If you're running Windows DNS on your network, here's what you need to know to secure it against some common threats. Grab the aspirin and pull up a seat.

Prep for a Windows DNS Deployment

There's a lot to consider when you decide to deploy DNS with Windows network. This overview will get you started, and next week we'll look at securing your setup.

Hire a Babysitter for Your Windows Apps

Best of ENP Once you've got your Windows apps humming along, it's time to keep an eye on them. Should you hire MOM or should you look elsewhere?

Looking Forward to Longhorn?

With a slew of network security enhancements and a new network stack, Longhorn looks promising. Just don't hold your breath.

Ziggy Admin and the OS from Mars (Part Two)

Part Two: Making the move from Windows to Unix involves a few changes. Here's the second part of a diary from someone making that move.

Ziggy Admin and the OS from Mars

Making the move from Windows to Unix involves a few changes. Here's a diary from someone making the move.

Lock Down IIS and SQL Server

Microsoft's IIS and SQL Server can provide tempting targets for malicious people. Our security checklist will help you lower your risk of attack.

Secure Your Distributed Windows Apps

Authentication and authorization in Windows-based distributed application environments are key to running a tight ship. Here's what you need to know.

Gotta Muster a Cluster? Build It with Windows

With the Microsoft Cluster Service you can build powerful clusters. All you need is some advance preparation and this quick-start guide.

Win2k3 R2 Beta: What's In and What's Not

The Windows Server 2003 R2 beta will have to tide everyone over until Longhorn's launch. Here's our look at the beta, and what's in it for you.

Keep it Simple: Slipstream Win2k3 SP1

You can save yourself some time with our quick guide to burning a custom Windows 2003 Server install CD with Service Pack 1 slipstreamed in.

Blazing the Win2k3 SP1 Trail

Pioneers, the saying goes, are the ones with the arrows in their backs. We took a few arrows on the way to installing Windows Server 2003 SP1, so now it's time for you to hitch your wagon and head out, too.

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