Articles by Rob Enderle 

How HP's Dave Donatelli Plans to Win the Next Generation Data Center

HP's growth numbers are hard to miss and the company could drive massive industry change.

Intel's Preparing for Stormy Seas Ahead

As markets change, dominant companies lose that dominance. That rule has seldom been broken, but at Intel's Developer Conference this week, Intel is making a solid effort.

The Azure Appliance: Returning to Microsoft's Roots?

This week Microsoft announced its Azure appliance  in partnership with Dell, HP, and Fujitsu.

EMC World Boston: The Death of Tape and What's More Important than Technology

EMC's strategic advantage isn't really its products, but the way it embraces its customers.

Chrome OS: Why It Will Fail

The Chrome OS, which basically is one of the best thin client concepts yet to hit the market, has a lot of potential.

Should IT Go BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC)?

Given some monitoring and care, it may not matter if the age of the "Big Bang" PC purchase cycle is over.

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