Articles by Kenneth Corbin 

Verizon Sues to Overturn FCC Net Neutrality Order

In a clever jurisdictional maneuver, Verizon seeks to bring its challenge in front of the same court that overturned the FCC's rebuke of Comcast.

Net Neutrality Repeal Bill Drops in House

Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn, long a critic of FCC efforts to regulate Internet service providers, has introduced legislation that would overturn the agency's recent net neutrality order.

GOP Opposition to FCC Net Neutrality Plan Mounts

In the run-up to next week's vote on net neutrality rules at the Federal Communications Commission, Republican lawmakers rattle sabers and ask the chairman to stand down.

Comcast-Level 3 Net Neutrality Dispute Escalates

The war of words is ramping up between the country's biggest cable operator and Internet backbone operator Level 3, with a fight over network exchange fees carrying major political overtones.

Verizon Pitches Rewrite of Telecom Law

Amid the confusion and uncertainty surrounding broadband law and policy, phone giant asks Congress to undertake a wholesale overhaul of the Communications Act.

Commerce Dept. Outlines Spectrum Overhaul Plans

National Telecommunications Information Administration issues twin reports detailing plans to free up 500 MHz of spectrum for mobile broadband networks.

Comcast Renews Calls for Net Neutrality Self-Regulation

Cable giant urges federal policy makers to move on to other issues, argues that new self-regulatory coalition will recast the issues in their proper technical terms.

Wireless Firms See Progress in Special Access Fight With Bells

Claiming that overpriced access to middle-mile broadband lines costs businesses billions, coalition seeks relief from the feds.

FCC Could Move on Net Neutrality After House Bill Stalls

With a House effort at a compromise bill in shambles, all eyes are on the Federal Communications Commission as it mulls its next steps on the net neutrality front.

House Net Neutrality Compromise Falls Apart

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman announces stalemate on net neutrality negotiations amid the withdrawal of Republican support.

FCC Clears the Path for White-Space Networks

The Federal Communications Commission finalizes rules for new broadband networks and devices running on white-space spectrum.

Senate Panel Mulls ECPA Update for Cloud Era

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee consider whether the rules for law enforcement accessing electronic data issued in a 1986 statute have kept up with the ascendance of cloud computing.

Looking Ahead to the World of White Spaces

Backers of white-space technology are eagerly awaiting a Federal Communications Commission order next week that will set the final implementation rules for the technology, though some concerns remain.

White House, FCC Unveil New Web Platforms

At the Gov 2.0 Summit, where fans of open government meet and mingle, the White House and Federal Communications Commission showed off new online platforms.

FCC Delays on Net Neutrality Decision as Industry Deals Behind Closed Doors

Regulators ask for more comment on controversial provisions of the network neutrality debate, while an industry trade group says talks among stakeholders are progressing with a "final consensus" nearing.

GAO Asks FCC to Take Closer Look at Wireless Market

New report from Government Accountability Office finds Federal Communications Commission needs to step up data collection to evaluate competition, pricing and consumer practices.

Google Unveils Voice Calling Via Gmail

New PC-to-telephone calling feature extends search giant's reach in the communications sector, bringing it a step closer to head-on competition with VoIP providers like Skype.

FCC Chair Reaffirms Support for Net Neutrality

Though careful not to tip his hand on the broadband showdown looming at the Federal Communications Commission, Chairman Julius Genachowski reiterates support for prohibiting ISPs from discriminating against content on the Internet.

Biden: Recovery Act Laying the 'Seed Money' for Next Internet

Vice president continues "summer of recovery" promotion with a White House address touting the effect broadband, smart grid and other innovation sectors buoyed by stimulus funding will have on safeguarding U.S. competitiveness.

House Dems Blast Google-Verizon Net Neutrality Pitch

Ed Markey and three Democratic colleagues urge FCC chairman to ignore Google and Verizon's net neutrality compromise and tighten regulatory oversight of broadband sector.

Google Rebuts Charges of Net Neutrality Sellout

Amid harsh criticism from some of its historic allies, Google looks to set the record straight about just how little it gave away in its compromise with Verizon on network management.

Americans Cool on Government's Broadband Agenda: Study

Latest survey from Pew Internet finds growth of broadband adoption near flat over last year and highlights a majority opinion that the government should put Internet policy on the backburner.

Net Neutrality Groups Pan Google-Verizon Plan

Net neutrality stalwarts like Free Press and Public Knowledge look in horror as their most prominent ally in the private sector, Google, teams up with Ma Bell.

Google, Verizon Outline Net Neutrality Compromise

Web and telecom giant come forward with their legislative proposal to solve the broadband dilemma that has taken center stage at the FCC.

FCC Scraps Net Neutrality Compromise Talks

Commission calls off talks with opposing stakeholders in the search for consensus in the contentious net neutrality debate, leaving the larger issue of broadband reclassification looming large.

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