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Should Large Enterprises Keep Their Heads Out of the Clouds?

Cloud computing isn't necessarily the best deal for large businesses.

Sun to Launch Cloud Computing Service

In the midst of a reorganization, Sun tells conference attendees a March announcement is in the works.

Enterprise 2.0 Puts the Fear in Some Managers

A recent survey shows some enterprise managers are getting nervous about the security and bandwidth issues an increasingly Web-enabled workforce poses.

Security Vendors Work to Curb False Alarms

IT staffs bedeviled with false intrusion alarms suffer inefficiency and cost more.

When Should Enterprises Look Outside for a Cloud?

While it's easy to hand over a credit card and get access to outside services, keeping the cloud inside might prove to be the more sound decision for businesses.

IBM to Certify Cloud Apps

Will certification and consulting lead to stronger industry standards?

Enterprises Weak on Storage Security

35 percent of surveyed admins say they don't know whether or not they will encrypt their backup tapes.

Microsoft's Sharepoint Picking Up ISV Support

Despite slowing IT spending, Sharepoint is growing into larger deployments.

Security Spending Will Grow, Take On Regional Flavor

Everybody's going to be spending more on security, but regional patterns are emerging.

IBM Pushes Cloud Computing Collaboration

Company gives ISVs and clients a hand building their own cloud computing services.

IT Opportunities in a Slow Economy

As enterprise IT departments feel the squeeze of hard times, opportunities will open up for consultants, pay-as-you-go services and system integrators.

Oracle Unveils First Hardware Products

Not satisfied with current database servers, Larry Ellison teams up with HP.

Enterprise IT Spending Outlook Grim Near Term

High energy costs and the Presidential election are hammering corporate IT purchases in the United States, though interest in the iPhone is picking up.

Microsoft Backtracks on Live Migration, Again

The delay means the company -- which is striving to win favor for its virtualization solution -- still lacks features long available from rivals.

Secure Computing Says Securify the Right Fit

The $15 million purchase adds identity-based monitoring to Securing Computing's portfolio.

Password Stealing Worm Catches NASA Napping

Gamer's worm menaces space station laptops.

The Trouble With Virtual Disaster Recovery

Embracing virtualization helps cut costs, but will it lead to trouble when there's a massive systems failure?

Business PC Buyers Pick Windows XP Over Vista

Businesses prefer the tried, tested and true.

iPhone Knocking on the Enterprise

Slew of third-party vendors rush to get a piece of the iPhone real estate.

Can the Cloud Handle Enterprise IT?

Cloud computing is the latest buzz phrase in the enterprise, as management seeks to cut IT costs.

Beware the Coming of the Mac

As users sneak Apple Macs into the enterprise infrastructure, IT needs to keep an eye peeled for hackers; on the other hand, corporate management may clamp down hard.

Sun Joins Role-Based Provisioning Fray

The company's ID management package adds support for business roles -- and follows a slew of competitors aiming to cash in on compliance.

Firewall Vendors Look to Automate Policy Changes

By helping to manage employee access rights and policies, new products seek to help shoulder a staggering burden on IT in large global enterprises.

Microsoft Publicly Betas ID Lifecycle Management

Microsoft Publicly Betas ID Lifecycle Management

CA Extends Its Role in GRC Apps

Identity management a major feature in new applications.

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