Articles by Andy Patrizio 

Verizon Halts Further FiOS Expansion

Prohibitive costs stall any further expansion beyond the markets the company has already covered, but the door is not completely closed.

EC Puts the Brakes on Oracle's Sun Acquisition

European antitrust regulators balk over the idea of Oracle snapping up MySQL.

Cisco Sells Its First Big Batch of Blades

A construction company says Cisco UCS helped it consolidate from five datacenters to one.

WPA Goes Down: Researchers Claim One-Minute Crack

It was never meant to last, and now it doesn't: Japanese researchers provide more incentive to move to WPA2

Failover for SMB VoIP Systems

New line of load-balancing WAN link controllers from Ecessa addresses the threat of communications blackouts due to failed Internet connections.

Cloud Manifesto Missing Some Big Names

If Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Salesforce are missing, who's going to bother?

Sun Addresses Cloud Computing Plans

The company brings its "the network is the computer" mantra into the cloud era.

The Case for Matching Sun & EMC

Should Sun be saved from the ignominy of being sold for parts? Might EMC be the company to do that?

Intel Sweetens vPro for Enterprise IT

The third generation of the chipmaker's vPro platform gets new updates for remote management even while a user's PC is turned off.

Malware Scanning Moves to the Cloud

Instead of burdening the client computer with all the scanning work, antivirus vendors are doing the processing on their systems.

Gartner Spells Out Changing Tech Scenarios

The next few years will hardly be boring for the tech industry which faces the challenge of consolidation, new competitors and a global economy.

Dell's Expansion Eats Into Earnings

Global expansion has its price, and for Dell it showed up on the bottom line.

Newer vPro Sports More Security Features

Remote management, baked-in NAP and more on the way.

Microsoft Blog Opens Windows to Version 7

Now is the time to start working with devs if Microsoft wants to have third parties ready for a 2010 launch, analysts say.

Hard Lesson in Google Data Breach

"You can't just throw the data over the fence and hope your problems go away."

McAfee Touts Better Endpoint Protection

New secure USB drive and laptop audit trail on tap. Separately, McAfee also updates its rankings of the most dangerous domains.

Big Money and Open Source May Not Compute

Open source has the adherents and the contributors, but what about the income? Patience, says the developers.

Half-Million IIS Servers Hit in Cyber Attack

Exploit redirects visits of what appear to be a harmless site to one that downloads malware onto their computer.

A One-Sided Net Neutrality Debate

With network providers a no-show, Stanford 'debate' is largely one-sided.

Salesforce Guns For Microsoft With Google's Help

Company argues it has a stronger story to tell by integrating Google's productivity apps with its customer relationship management software.

Sun, Accenture Sign On to Security Venture

The two partners team to provide fine-grain security to SAP and other enterprise applications to outsiders.

Intel Goes The Distance on Wi-Fi: 60 Miles

Using 802.11x networking and some "secret sauce," it can stretch wireless connectivity -- helping remote communities get online.

Is the Storm Worm Finally Blowing Over?

Spam report from Marshal says yes, other security vendors have their doubts.

Microsoft Yanks Vista SP1 Update File

Just what Windows Vista needs: another technical glitch.

SonicWall Firewalls Boast Increased Throughput

Company claims a four to five-fold improvement in throughput.

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