Articles by David Needle 

Blue Coat WAN Optimization Aimed at Video Floods

Blue Coat Systems explains why it might be time for IT to revamp its WAN optimization strategy.

SaaS Service Tracks Web Apps From the Data Center to the End User

Compuware's Gomez First Mile solution gives IT broader visibility of Web application performance.

Skype Woos Enterprise With Skype Connect

Even as rumors swirl that Cisco might buy the popular consumer VoIP calling service, Skype launches a new service designed for the enterprise.

Cisco Falls Short on Sales

CEO John Chambers cites "unusual uncertainty" in the economy as Q4 sales miss analyst estimates, though earnings per share were up.

AirWatch Beefs Up iOS Security for the Enterprise

AirWatch says its iOS management software allows enterprises the flexibility to activate and control fleet devices and even open up the doors to personally owned systems without causing configuration issues for non-corporate e-mail accounts.

FCC Commissioner Calls for Action on National Broadband Plan

Michael Copps travels to Stanford University and Silicon Valley to promote universal access to the Internet.

Jokes, Jeers in a Look Back at 25 Years of .Com

VeriSign, comedian Dana Carvey, and Sun co-founder Scott McNealy track how far the Internet has come -- and if it was really worth it.

Google Flooded With High-Speed Fiber Requests

Build it and they will come -- or in Google's case, simply pledging to build was enough.

Sybase Brings 'Deep Analytics' to Mobile Carriers

New analytics server uses hosted business intelligence to provide greater insight into messaging traffic.

AppCentral to Provide an App Store for Enterprise IT

Apple's app store is a runaway success, but its consumer focus leaves IT managers cold. Ondeego says it has an alternative.

Elance Follows the IT Jobs

With over 60,000 companies in its network and over 157,000 jobs filled in the past year, Elance has some interesting job market data on hand.

New Mobile Platforms, New Security Headaches

As more and more new mobile devices appear, network administrators need to prepare for new management and security headaches.

With VoIP, Old Attacks Find New Targets

A report says tried-and-true attacks are finding rich new hunting grounds as the number of enterprise VoIP deployments increases.

Social Networking in a Box

The enterprise-ation of social networking continues apace with Awareness' eight pre-fab social networking models.

Tech Execs Forecast "Two to Three Quarters" of Recession

Tech executives speaking at the Web 2.0 Conference say things will get better, but not before they get worse.

German Student Takes Cisco's $250K I-Prize

The winning entry uses 'the network as the platform for visibility, manageability and, ultimately, control of energy-consuming systems.'

iPass: Europe Leads in Business Wi-Fi Use

Broadband management firm said its latest figures show a big jump in European use of Wi-Fi hotspots.

A Big Step Forward for VoIP over Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Alliance announces Voice-Personal certification program to promote high quality equipment for calls over WLANs.

Hey Enterprise: Here Comes the 3G iPhone

Even if the iPhone doesn't have all the features IT wants, companies may be forced to support it anyway.

What's Cooking in Google's Enterprise Labs?

Google's enterprise strategy isn't much different than the consumer side when it comes to giving users an early look at services in development.

Microsoft Targets Office Remote Execution Flaws

Latest "Patch Tuesday" updates aim to shut the door on a slew of critical Office suite vulnerabilities.

FCC Chairman Says 'Balance' is Key to Net Neutrality

Discusses Comcast, Net Neutrality and other issues at Stanford confab.

Jaxtr Gives VoIP Users Something to Talk About

The official 1.0 release of the popular Internet phone service is accompanied by the launch of a new 'social' Web site.

Sun's New Data Center Approach Takes Shape

Data center management tool is designed for heterogeneous environments.

IBM Rolls Out IPTV, VoIP Services

Preconfigured apps designed to improve the quality of telecom connections.

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