Akamai Promotes Sustainability Through the Content Delivery Network

Akamai Technologies unveiled a new sustainability initiative dedicated to helping customers run more carbon-efficient Web infrastructure and improve their energy consumption. The company has been improving the efficiency of its global delivery network, which includes more than 61,000 servers in 70 countries.

Akamai, through its own efficiency efforts, was able to reduce its carbon output by 32 percent from the previous year. According to Data Center Knowledge, the company was able to achieve this through upgrading servers with more efficient components, utilizing virtualization, reducing idle time through improved maintenance procedures and decomissioning inefficient servers.

Part of the company’s efforts also included rewriting code to use less CPU and I/O, allowing servers to support more traffic and decrease the need to add servers. Akamai is developing an application that will allow customers using its services to improve their network carbon efficiency by providing an ongoing, monthly visibility of their carbon footprint.

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