Brocade Frees Vyatta SDN OpenDaylight Controller

Brocade first announced its Vyatta SDN controller, based on the open-source OpenDaylight, in September 2014. It is now being opened up in a generally available free download, with a one-year license.

Brocade is one of the leading contributors to the multi-stakerholder OpenDaylight project, and the Vyatta Controller efforts also benefit the upstream project.

“We have worked both internally on our product, and continued to work diligently on the public upstream code base,” Tom Nadeau, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect of Open Source Software at Brocade, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

Nadeau explained that with the Vyatta controller, the upstream OpenDaylight code has been very much refined into a functional subset that has been tested and packaged to fit the needs of Brocade’s commercial, service provider, Government, academic and Federal customers.

“On the public side, we have made significant contributions to the core of the controller in areas such as clustering and the MD-SAL (model driven service abstraction layer),” Nadeau said. “We have also worked in other areas such as the OpenFlow plug-in and yangtools.”

The Vyatta controller is a commercial product backed by commercial support from Brocade. Brocade is also launching SDN services to help enterprises with SDN deployment expertise and knowledge.

Looking forward, the OpenDaylight project is currently working on the Lithium release, which will add additional SDN capabilities. From Brocade’s perspective, Nadeau said that Brocade is working on a number of areas and will continue to fan out as the team’s size and our customer demand grows.

“In 2014 we spent a lot of time on the core of the controller, working in close collaboration with the community to harden the foundation of the ODL controller,” Nadeau said. “Now that this has been accomplished, in 2015 we will work on other key areas, such as policy, topology, provisioning, additional south-bound plugins, as well as building a better and more complete interface to Neutron and OVS-DB to vastly improve the collaboration between OpenDaylight and Openstack.”

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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