Data Center Enters ‘Industrial Phase’

Last month, Anthony Wanger, president of i/o Data Centers, boasted:

The industrial phase of the data center has started. Companies no longer have to deal with real estate or construction costs and delays. i/o is mass producing the highest quality data centers that can be brought operational in less than 60 days.

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10 Steps to Increasing Data Center Efficiency and Availability

A systematic approach to building data center infrastructure management.

Wanger’s statement was echoed today in an article from The Wall Street Journal entitled “Data Centers Boom.” The Journal highlights companies like Dell, HP and others as embracing efficient and faster methods of constructing data centers. Modular data centers have been on the rise due to the reduced amount of time and costs it takes to construct them compared to a customized data center. Rick Einhorn, director of world-wide critical facilities services at HP, anticipates that 50 percent of all new data centers will be built modularly by 2013. The need to get new data centers up and running efficiently and quickly is rampant as companies look to keep pace with demand. As a result, commercial data center capacity is only expected to grow in the near term.

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