Data Center Supports the Boston Marathon

Robert K. Cheruiyot won the Boston Marathon yesterday with a time of 2:05:52, 82 seconds faster than the previous course record, reports The Huffington Post. The enterprise-class data center that tracked and relayed the status of all 26,000 participants to multiple outlets in real time posted an equally impressive feat, says Computerworld

All runners were issued a small, light-weight RFID tracking chip made by Mylaps that they affixed to their shoes. Along the 26.2-mile course were 11 mats that collected data from the runner’s tracking chips. The Boston Athletic Association delivered upward of 400,000 text message alerts for participants’ family and friends who signed up to track their loved ones’ progress. The process was not without its problems, as some folks did not receive alerts or received delayed alerts.

The data center also enabled spectators to monitor runners on, which was expected to get 1.2 million hits. The facility was equipped to handle 120,000 concurrent connections and handle 7,000 database requests per second.

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