Data Centers in the Event of an Earthquake

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Five Business Continuity Myths

Avoid these five misconceptions to remain truly prepared.

The year, while still young, has already seen its share of devastating earthquakes. The catastrophe of the earthquake in Haiti prompted IT Business Edge‘s Rob Enderle to address disaster preparedness plans to keep employees safe.

Yesterday’s magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Baja, Calif. was closer to home and gave reason for Rich Miller at Data Center Knowledge to address another asset businesses need to protect during such an event: the data center. Many companies use seismic isolation technology within their data centers to protect racks and servers, but Miller asks about protecting the entire data center.

365 Main retro-fitted its flagship data center in San Francisco with a base isolation system which allows the entire facility to effectively float above the ground shifting underneath it. Miller includes helpful links to solutions other companies and agencies are using to protect their data centers in the event of an earthquake.

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