DigitalOcean’s Tide Continues to Roll In with New Data Center

Cloud hosting startup DigitalOcean is closing out a year of noteworthy growth with the opening of AMS5, its second Amsterdam data center. The second data center marks a step forward in DigitalOcean’s plans to “increase our capacity throughout Europe,” according to cofounder and CEO Ben Uretsky, who previously told Enterprise Networking Planet that “the speed of light is not fast enough” when it comes to DigitalOcean’s expanding global customer base.

AMS5 launched with private networking on all of its “droplets,” as DigitalOcean calls its virtual servers. Customers can spin up droplets with both public and private addresses, so that “any communication that happens over the private address happens over a private network,” according to a company statement. This addresses some cloud security and data privacy concerns. Traffic on the private network does not count towards bandwidth costs, and the company also claims higher speeds within the private interface.

Private networking has already hit DigitalOcean’s New York data center, as well as AMS2, its first Amsterdam location. “DigitalOcean users love this feature,” Uretsky said.

What’s next for the company? When Uretsky last spoke to Enterprise Networking Planet, he mentioned plans to open an Asian data center, likely in Singapore. Those plans are still on track. “We are keeping Singapore open as an option for early 2013, as opening a data center in Asia remains a priority,” he said. The company will also be introducing “other upvoted features in the near future,” Uretsky added.

With plenty of competition and plenty of features left to unveil, DigitalOcean still has plenty of distance to cover. 2013 has been good to the cloud hosting provider, though, and if the company stays on track, 2014 may be even better.

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ENP editor Jude ChaoJude Chao is executive editor of Enterprise Networking Planet. Follow her on Twitter @judechao.

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