Facebook Selects NC for Second Data Center

North Carolina is a popular destination point for travelers, and the state is becoming a major hub for data centers, too. Apple, Google, HP and IBM are among a growing list of companies that have built or are in the process of constructing data center facilties.

A new addition to that growing list is Facebook, InformationWeek reports. The social networking giant announced it will spend $450 million to build a facility in Rutherford County near Forest City. Construction will begin Friday and is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete. Tom Furlong, director of site operations for Facebook offered:

After a rigorous review of sites across the East Coast, we are pleased to locate our new data center in Rutherford County. The team we will hire here will help us provide faster, more reliable and more robust service to people around the world who rely on Facebook to connect and share.

The new data center will be the second U.S. facility built by Facebook, according to PCMag.com. The company began construction on its first custom data center in Pineville, Ore. in January of this year and is already making plans for expansion. Facebook plans to use innovative cooling and power management technologies to help its new North Carolina data center be one of the most energy-efficient facilities in the U.S.

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