Fujitsu Launches Cloud Consultant Service

Fujitsu has launched a cloud consulting service that seeks to aid IT decision makers with understanding how they can potentially use cloud computing within their organization, IT PRO reports. Jo Millott, head of Fujitsu’s cloud consulting in the UK and Ireland, said:

There is some confusion in the market about what cloud is and what choices should be made.

Fujitsu’s Cloud Consulting Service will provide advice and guidance on how cloud should be exploited to drive business value as well as providing expert advice on key considerations such as security and legal/data compliance.

Some IT service providers can offer strong consultancy credentials but are lacking in the physical infrastructure to ever deliver on their recommendations.

I firmly believe that by combining Fujitsu’s proven infrastructure and technology capabilities with a formalised consulting practice, we have a unique proposition in the IT services market.

Fujitsu also released “White Book of Cloud Adoption,” which serves as a nuts-and-bolts guide for business users, says

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