Gartner Warns on Energy Costs, Tips PUE to be Data Center Norm

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New Tips to Improve Energy Management

Ways software can be used to improve overall data center energy use.

Gartner is warning companies to spend more time regulating the energy consumption of their servers and IT equipment after the research firm discovered that energy-related costs account for approximately 12 percent of data center expenditure.

According to Gartner, energy is the fastest-rising cost in the data center and companies’ struggles with cooling and power costs are likely to worsen over the next few years, Techworld reports.

Gartner analyst Rakesh Kumar offered:

With upwards of 5% growth for server shipments predicted per year over the next two years, organizations need to forcefully control their energy consumption and costs.

To do this, he said, data center operators need to measure energy-related data across the whole site, including the building, the facility’s components and the IT equipment portfolio.

Datacenter Dynamics reports that the research firm predicts that 80 percent of new large data centers will report continuous energy use based on Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) by 2015.

Kumar notes:

However, despite the wide availability of measurement tools, experts and consultants, data center operators struggle with the best place to measure the energy in their data centers. What is needed is a breakdown of the ideal approach to data center energy management into a pragmatic approach that will provide sufficient information for most operational planning purposes.

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