IBM Buy Showcases Shift to Virtual Machines

Earlier this week, IBM announced its acquisition of cloud integration specialist Cast Iron. The purchase will allow IBM to enable its customers to build hybrid clouds that combine on-premise applications, private cloud deployments and public cloud platforms. Loraine Lawson at IT Business Edge details seven reasons why IBM would cast its lot with Cast Iron. Mike Vizard at our CTO Edge site calls the acquisition more of the same from IBM.

According to Stacey Higginbotham over at GigaOM, IBM’s purchase is just one of many acquisitions and investments shaping the cloud playing field. Enterprises like CA have also started snapping up startups as IT buyers have shifted their focus to virtual machines rather than servers. It’s a shift that has also given rise to platforms as a service. Last week, and VMware launched VMforce, which takes aim at Google’s AppEngine and Microsoft Azure.

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