Nvidia and Amazon Team Up to Offer Supercomputing Service

Nvidia and Amazon have teamed up to offer a cloud supercomputing service that will give smaller companies and organizations the use of supercomputing technology without paying extra for these services. The service, called Cluster GPU Instances for Amazon EC2, provides a form of supercomputing within Amazon Web Services, according to CIOL.

Andy Keane, General Manager of the Tesla business at Nvidia said:

The ability to run a larger number of more detailed simulations, with an on-demand pricing model and the scalability of Amazon EC2, enables companies to build better, safer, more reliable products.

Keane added:

GPU supercomputing, through AWS, gives users a flexible computing facility that allows them to scale their computing needs based on user demand. Nvidia’s Tesla GPU has been used in a variety of fields, however, with the partnership between Amazon, a whole new area will be opened up through this high class technology.

Dan Berthiaume provides solid details of Cluster GPU Instances for Amazon EC2 offerings at CTO Edge. Users can either pay $2.10 per hour or reserve an instance, for which they pay an upfront fee and a lower hourly rate.

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