Opera Chooses Iceland Data Center for Data Processing

It was thought that the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano could thwart interest in the country as a data center destination. However, Opera Software, a Norwegian company primarily known for its web browsers, has chosen to move its data processing work to a new data center in Iceland, reports Susan Hall at IT Business Edge.

Opera will move a significant portion of its electronic data traffic to the data center via sub-sea cables run by E-Farice, according to the Iceland Review Online. The facility, constructed by Thor DC, is the first Icelandic data center in Hafnarfj�rdur, a neighboring town of Reykjav�k. The center was opened today by president of Iceland, �lafur Ragnar Gr�msson, and Minister of Industry Katr�n J�l�usd�ttir.

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