Oracle Expands SDN Efforts with New Acquisition

Oracle is growing its portfolio of networking solutions with the acquisition of privately-held Corente. The financial terms of the deal are not being publicly disclosed. The transaction is expected to close early this year.

Corente’s technology platform includes the Cloud Service Exchange (CSX) offering, which enables service providers to offer application delivery solutions. The technology is a Software Defined Networking WAN virtualization platform.

“Corente’s CSX extends the benefits of virtualization that are transforming the cloud data center across global IP Corentenetworks, all the way to the enterprise network edge,” the Corente website states. “The policy-defined and enforced abstraction layer provided by Corente’s CSX replaces the hard-wired enterprise network with an intelligent software-defined one.”

In addition to CSX, Corente also has a cloud services gateway virtual appliance for securing private network endpoints. The vendor also offers a cloud services portal technology to provide lifecycle management capabilities for the platform. The overall Corente cloud SDN platform already has some big-name deployments, including one with British Telecom.

“Companies are looking for new ways to deliver a growing portfolio of cloud-based applications and services to their entire ecosystem without the long delays of securing and configuring complex infrastructures,” Edward Screven, chief corporate architect at Oracle, wrote in an open letter to Oracle customers. “Corente’s cloud-based service delivery platform quickly establishes trusted network services between public or private cloud data centers and any location over any IP network, regardless of the type of transport, access, application, or provider involved.”

Oracle expects the Corente solution to complement its existing LAN-based SDN solutions. While Oracle was once best known for its core database and enterprise applications platform, the company has been expanding into the virtual networking realm in recent years. In July of 2012, Oracle acquired Xsigo as its first step into the SDN world.

Oracle expanded the Xsigo technology in 2013 with updated network fabric manager, monitor and interconnect components. The core of Oracle’s Xsigo-based SDN solution promises to enable administrators to connect up to 16,000 private virtual servers together.

According to Oracle’s FAQ on the Corente deal, the new combined offering will enable Oracle to virtualize both the enterprise data center LAN and the WAN with SDN offerings.

“Corente provides a full lifecycle approach to automating the provisioning and management of service delivery networks,” said Jim Zucco, Corente’s CEO, in a statement. “Together with Oracle, we expect to deliver software-defined networking offerings that create cost-effective, secure networks, spanning global business ecosystems.”


Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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