PLUMgrid 4.0 Updates OpenStack Network Suite

Software Defined Networking (SDN) vendor PLUMgrid announced its new OpenStack Networking Suite 4.0 release this week, providing organizations with improved capabilities and visibility into virtual networks.

Gaetano Borgione, Distinguished Engineer in the Office of CTO at PLUMgrid, told Enterprise Networking Planet that the new release is based on the OpenStack Kilo milestone first released back in April of this year. Several weeks prior to the official Kilo release, PLUMgrid announced its ONS 3.0 update, which the company said was compatible with Kilo.

Once again, the timing of a new PLUMgrid ONS release is near an upstream OpenStack community release. The upstream OpenStack community is currently wrapping up development on OpenStack Liberty, which is set to become generally available on October 15. While Liberty is almost done, it’s not clear if any of Liberty’s networking capabilities are manifest or supported in ONS 4.0.

“There is no intersection with Liberty yet,” Borgione said.

A key change for PLUMgrid since the ONS 3.0 release is the fact that its IO Visor technology, which is the foundation of the platform, is now being managed as a Linux Foundation Collaboration Project.

“As part of ONS 4.0, we added distributed metadata services which works in conjunction with IO Visor,” Borgione said.

Borgione added that PLUMgrid has not yet upstreamed distributed metadata services to the IO Visor community version, as it needs further engineering discussion and input if there is a fit.

Another enhanced capability landing in ONS 4.0 is the Tunnel Heatmap feature which provide a graphical user interface visualization for SDN utilization on the network.

“We updated the Tunnel Heatmap, providing faster mapping and higher scale, leveraging enhanced distributed functions of IO Visor,” Borgione said.

The ONS 4.0 release is the latest iteration of PLUMgrid’s SDN overlay technology, which first emerged back in 2013. At the time of the initial release, OpenStack wasn’t the core focus. The first PLUMgrid ONS release came in June of 2014.

As a company, PLUMgrid has also recently undergone an executive transition, with new CEO Larry Lang taking over the top job from company co-founder Awais Nemat in June of this year. 

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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