Top Five Server Monitoring Battles — and How You Can Win Them

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Your Battle

Whether through acquisition, merger, or evolving business needs, when your organization starts growing, your server infrastructure very suddenly starts looking a lot less homogenous. Your infrastructure now undoubtedly includes a mix of Windows, Linux, UNIX, Netware, AS400, and more. While monitoring a unified set of servers can be challenging, administering this heterogeneous mix can feel downright impossible.

What You Need to Win

To overcome the challenge of monitoring servers in a heterogeneous environment, you need a comprehensive, platform-agnostic monitoring solution, one that can be used to monitor every type of server and OS in your organization. With the right multi-platform monitoring tool in place, platform-specific variances can be masked from administrators, presenting a consistent monitoring interface for the entire infrastructure.

The role of servers in your organization has changed substantially — with their uses, requirements, and complexity all increasing dramatically in recent years. Many of the traditional tools and techniques that worked in the past don’t suffice any more. Consequently, server monitoring presents several critical battles in today’s demanding environments. Nimsoft has identified some of the most pressing challenges administrators face in ensuring optimal server performance, and offers insights into the tools and strategies required to address these demands.


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