Top Five Server Monitoring Battles — and How You Can Win Them

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Your Battle

In spite of all its benefits, virtualization presents administrators with significant challenges from a monitoring perspective. Virtualized environments represent an ecosystem of interrelated parts, all of which must be functioning optimally to ensure that business applications remain available. When virtualization gets implemented, an entirely new layer of moving parts gets added to the mix, and dramatically increases the complexity of monitoring servers and the infrastructure upon which they rely.

What You Need to Win

Administrators need a broad solution that can monitor all the servers, hosts, applications, databases, networking services, and network devices — as well as virtualization systems like VMware. By combining this broad infrastructure coverage with extensive support for the VMware environment, an effective monitoring solution enables your organization to fully optimize its VMware investments and better ensure the highest service levels.

Look for a solution that can collect an extensive number of health checks in VMware environments. You can then easily leverage this data to understand the status of the VMware environment, and get the information you need to more proactively manage the infrastructure. Finally, look for a product that delivers service level management capabilities so you can more effectively ensure that the business applications hosted in these virtualized environments are in compliance with service level agreements.

The role of servers in your organization has changed substantially — with their uses, requirements, and complexity all increasing dramatically in recent years. Many of the traditional tools and techniques that worked in the past don’t suffice any more. Consequently, server monitoring presents several critical battles in today’s demanding environments. Nimsoft has identified some of the most pressing challenges administrators face in ensuring optimal server performance, and offers insights into the tools and strategies required to address these demands.


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