Weave 1.0 Debuts to Improve Docker Networking

Startup Weaveworks is updating its tools with the release of Weave 1.0 for Docker container networking. Weaveworks raised $5 million in venture funding back in December to help push its vision of container networking forward.

Since the funding event, Weaveworks has also debuted a monitoring and visualization open-source technology called Weave Scope, which will complement the new Weave 1.0 release.

“What we’ve done is, we’ve split the product into three parts with Weave Net, Weave Scope and Weave Run,” Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

Weave Net is the original networking component of Weave, that enables a form of Software Defined Networking for Docker containers.

“If you want to build applications with Docker, it’s not use if you can’t move them because the network piece is not portable,” Richardson said. “So you must have a portable network in order to make the whole application portable – Weave Net is a very good way to do that.”

Richardson acknowledged that there are other companies, including Docker Inc., that provide different ways of networking Docker containers, but it’s his goal that Weave will be the easiest to use and the fastest to get started with.

The Weave Run component provides management services for Weave. For example, an administrator could look at Weave Scope and see that a given node is overloaded. With Weave Run, the administrator could then help to redirect the traffic.

“It’s a kind of automation without orchestration to make it easier for developers without changing their applications to introduce capabilities to help out when things go wrong,” Richardson said. “Technically, it’s a feedback loop from monitoring and visualization into the fabric.”

Weave is currently not being directly sold to customers. Instead, Weaveworks provides support to consultants and partners. Richardson’s view is that working through partners as the sales model provides consultants with more incentive to become experts in Weave. That said, there is a commercial roadmap for Weave.

“Our future commercial version will be an enterprise product, and it will give you a commercial support contract,” Richardson said. “We don’t feel under huge pressure to bring out the commercial version quickly.”

Richardson added that Weaveworks is focused on the container market, which is still in the early stages for large commercial deployment.

“It would be dangerous for us to oversell a product into a market that is immature,” Richardson said.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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