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For the better part of a decade, Enterprise VoIPplanet has provided readers with a twice-monthly newsletter filled with the latest headlines from the site. Now, we are expanding to give you more and better information—more frequently.

Starting today, the Internet.com Telephony Daily will bring you an aggregation of information to help you make the best telecommunications decisions. Telephony Daily is a portal, delivered to you in a single page of critical information each day to help you better manage your business and stay ahead of the competition. Each day, we will bring you the latest breaking news, trends and market research, and how-tos.

With the increased frequency, we will spotlight articles of interest more often and better highlight what is available from the large and ever-growing Internet.com community.

Telephony Daily will feature:

  • The latest in IP telecommunications trends
  • IP communications news both on Enterprise VoIPplanet and around the Web to keep you abreast of the latest industry developments, be it unified communications, mobile VoIP solutions, and product announcements
  • Research from leading organizations, such as InStat and Infonetics, detailing industry metrics and cost-conscious data center strategies.
  • How-to and management advice to ensure you reap the most out of your telecommunications and collaboration assets.

This new newsletter is the first of our many new planned offerings. As we continue to offer new products and features, please share your feedback. We look to the members of the Internet.com community to offer guidance as we continually expand and deepen our coverage. Please send me a note at [email protected]

Ted Stevenson is the managing editor of Enterprise VoIPplanet.com. He has been covering voice over IP, unified messaging, unified communications, video conferencing, collaboration, and allied IP telecommunications technologies since 2003.

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