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Juniper's Ethernet switch lineup reflects the company's commitment to a "flat" data center fabric.

 By Drew Robb
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The EX Series consists of:

The EX8200 modular Ethernet switches deliver up to 128 wire-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports per chassis with nearly 2 billion packets per second throughput -- the ideal platform for next-generation data centers. It includes Virtual Chassis technology (also available with the EX4200 and EX4500), which allows up to 10 individual switches to be interconnected and managed as a single, logical device. EX Series Ethernet switches start at $4,000.

"The EX4200 with Virtual Chassis technology is good for 1 GbE data center access layer deployments," said Ingram. "It can also be used at the access layer of the campus, as the primary aggregation switch with the EX4500 or EX8200 at the core."  

QFX Series switches

The recently announced QFX Series includes the QFX3500 top-of-rack (ToR) switch, which, combined with an EX8200 at the core, is designed to service enterprise and service provider data center environments. The QFX3500 also provides high speed and low latency. QFabric delivers scalability and agility necessary for large cloud computing and SaaS environments. QFabric supports thousands of ports within a single-tier data center or cloud network. It can operate as a stand-alone 48-port 10Gigabit Ethernet switch with FCoE and Fiber Channel gateway functionality.

"The QFX3500 offers the fastest unicast and multicast performance for switches greater than 24 ports in the industry, and also provides a stepping stone to the QFabric architecture," said Ingram. "The QFX3500 is ideal for 10GbE data center access deployments with the EX8200 at the core."

It delivers 1.28 Tbps of throughput and 960 Mpps of switching capacity with low latency and jitter. All ports can run in both L2 and L3 mode, with the option to operate in either cut-through or store-and-forward mode as well. The QFX3500 switch's MAC address table enables large-scale server virtualization deployment. It consumes less than 5 watts per 10GbE port and includes variable-speed fans that adjust operation based on ambient temperature. Pricing starts at $34,000

WLAN products

Juniper also offers wireless solutions, including

"The switches that customers choose to deploy and implement ultimately depends on what problem they are trying to solve: greenfield, mixed, or an existing environment," said Ingram.

This article was originally published on Mar 22, 2011
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