Big Business Forms Cloud Alliance

An alliance of Fortune 500 companies has formed to set the standards for cloud interoperability.

 By Ainsley Jones
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A consortium of IT professionals representing 70 global companies has formed the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) to find a way of bringing cloud computing into the business environment in a more structured way that prevents lock-in to any one computing supplier, says ZDNet UK.

Mario Mueller, BMW Group's vice president for IT infrastructure, who is spearheading the effort, offered this:

Vendors will not be members, but we will encourage dialogue with the industry. Intel's history in driving IT organisations makes it a perfect fit for [technical adviser].

According to BBC News, the ODCA's Cloud 2015 vision aims to create a federated cloud with common standards for both hardware and software vendors. Another goal of the alliance is to ensure that all devices are interoperable when accessing services via the cloud.

This article was originally published on Oct 28, 2010
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