Oracle Now Offering CRM On Demand Locally from Europe

Oracle is offering its SaaS application Oracle CRM On Demand, securely hosted locally from Europe, to European enterprise users.

 By Ainsley Jones
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Oracle has expanded its CRM On Demand offering to European customers. This move was made possible after the company launched a data center in the UK. Having the facility inside the European Union enables European enterprise users in financial and public sectors to utilize Oracle's CRM On Demand offering while also meeting EU data protection laws, DatacenterDynamics reports.

Oracle is hopeful the move will spur growth for its service in Europe, according to V3.co.uk. Steve Fearon, EMEA vice president for CRM On Demand at Oracle, said:

Oracle CRM On Demand is our fastest growing application, and hosting the application locally represents a significant step forward for software-as-a-service adoption by European enterprises, as information assurance around sensitive customer data is becoming an ever increasing concern for major European businesses and regulators.



This article was originally published on Feb 1, 2011
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