Ozzo Concept Envisions Self-Sustainable Data Center

Frank Bertram envisons a data center that not only does not waste energy, but creates its own.

 By Ainsley Jones
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Frank Bertram, CEO of MDES in the Netherlands, has set his sights on creating a new view of data center efficiency that is centered around a tiered data storage system that not only does not waste energy, but creates its own, Data Center Knowledge reports. Bertram hopes to realize this goal by 2015 within metropolitan Amsterdam.

Bertram's vison, called Ozzo, uses the HotColdFrozenData concept. Hot data, in continuous use and stored in a location near the user for quick availability, will be powered by solar energy. Cold data, which is accessed and rarely modified, will be powered by wind energy. Frozen data, rarely accessed or modified, will be powered by free cooling and electricity generated by biomass.

The data center is the site of many innovative thoughts to reduce energy spending. Arthur Cole recently commented on new but challenging cooling strategies at IT Business Edge. Julius Neudorfer discusses the green data center movement as he witnessed it at the Uptime 2010 Symposium over at CTO Edge. A number of tools to determine green data center saivngs can be found at the IT Business Edge Knowledge Network.


This article was originally published on Jun 4, 2010
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