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 By Jerry Sanchez
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Bottom-Line Benefits
What are the bottom-line benefits for the Planview IT group being strategically aligned and contributing
to the business?

1. Ability to create and turn on a hosted Planview environment for a customer within 24 hours
Prior to virtualization, this was a lengthy process that included constructing a detailed plan of
needed hardware, getting the plan approved, and purchasing and installing the hardware.

2. Growth of 1,000% in Planview SaaS business
Pre-configured hosting packages, the ability for Planview to bring the hosting in-house, and the capability to turn on the environment within 24 hours made hosting easy for customers to purchase.

3. Scalability
A virtual machine can be installed without adding new hardware. When extra physical capacity is needed, it is easy to add a new blade.

4. Reduction in needed storage space
NetApp compresses the amount of data through deduplication and thus affords cost effciencies in storage space and the ability to store more data per unit.

5. 10% of cost of non-virtual solution and faster time to market
Despite discarding all existing hardware and starting from scratch, the IT team installed the virtualization-architected solution for only 10% of the cost to purchase a more physical server-intense environment.

6. Knowledge of true overall cost of services
Using Planview Enterprise Service Portfolio Management allows the team to understand the real costs of services and assign business value to each virtual machine. This helps them allocate costs to each group in the business and justify to management the need for additional capacity.

7. More satisfied IT staff, internal customers, and external customers                       With faster, flexible, quickly scalable, less physically-intensive deployments, and lower and easy-to-document costs, all constituents experience more satisfaction with this solution.

This article was originally published on Jan 27, 2010
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